Nuclear division

The nuclear division of the FOSELEV group, through the CIMAT, SIREM and CSMR sections offers a complete set of services:

  • Detail design
  • Mechanic/Electro mechanic
  • Metalwork
  • Sheet metal work, piping
  • Electricity, Automatism, command control
  • NDT (Non Destructive Testing)

Strengthened by our deep knowledge of France’s nuclear power plants, we can offer the following services:

  • Mechanic/Electro-mechanic maintenance contracts
  • Multiannual maintenance with objectives, use of indicators, management of sub-contractors and interfaces
  • Rotating machinery contracts
  • (vibration analysis, oil analysis, degradation analysis, lineage, adjustment, preventive/ curative maintenance)
  • Conception, fabrication and installation of electro mechanic machines
  • Conception, fabrication and installation of handling robots
  • Conception, fabrication and installation of all mechanized welding
  • Outage/Shutdown
    • Preparation, detail design, planning, management of sub-contractors, sheet-metal work, piping, metal work
  • Glove box work
  • Preparation, Detail design, planning, sheet-metal work, piping, metal work


We have all the necessary authorisations to work in the active zones of any French nuclear site.

We are MASE, UIC, CEFRI and ISO 9001 certified and have dismantlement authorization from the CEA and EDF.

Our agencies have the relevant authorisations and accreditations notably for AREVA as well as the « Confidential Defence » and the « Secret Defence » (levels of military classification).

All of our operators hold the RP1, RP2, HN1, HN2, HN3 and QSP certificates, which are necessary for them to work in active zones.

The competence of our response teams also rests on continually renewed training, workshops equipped with recent machine tools and a thorough command of our professions; in particular welding, in which we have more than 1000 QMOS (welding qualification).

To contact our specialised division : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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