Commitments - Safety

Continual improvement approach

The conditions and the spirit in which our services are carried out are a determining factor in succeeding in the challenge, the obtainment of results and their perpetuation.

On top of the measures demanded by the regulation that we adhere to, we are fully invested in a policy of progress.

With regards to security, a fundamental pillar of the Group, we have to show that we are capable of taking the initiative.

We are convinced that it is necessary for each person to adopt a responsible attitude by collectively developing some overarching practices. 

Following deep reflexion, we have proceeded to launch some particularly interesting initiatives surrounding our competence areas.

The recent changes that we have adopted in our safety policy carry some particularly notable changes : 

1°) Auditors from the key competency areas/ the safety profession

Who better than a professional from the concerned branch to spot the precise anomalies and risks linked to their work?

It is for this reason that we have put this system in place.

We have thus trained professionals in this field (who thus have an exact idea of how each operation is carried out) in safety and all if it’s pressing demands.

Having been in place for many years, this measure is centred on 5 highly experienced experts, who are responsible for carrying out both planned and impromptu audits in their respective competence areas.

The results are striking; any deviations or non-conformities are observed on the ground and promptly rectified.

2°) A specific safety tool

We have developed a control tool which tracks the authorization level of each individual, the dates of renewal and the authorization required if their position changes or they are promoted.

This fully-automated tool provides a very clear, up to date vision of a sample group of any sectors.

3°) An improvement in the protection of personnel

As well as the Collective Protection Equipment (EPC) and the Individual Protection Equipment (EPI), both made available as a top priority, we are convinced of the necessity to prioritise the provision of certain other specialised protection for targeted risks.

This is notably the case at the moment with auditive protection. On top of a basic helmet or ear plugs, we provide our operators with active auditive protection.

The principal is to fashion ear protection for each operator, allowing for the optimal protection of our employees.

4°) A Specialised Training Department

We have a specialised training department at our disposal, which is notably responsible for the safety training of our employees (correct posture and movement, first aid, machine driving) and our clients.

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