Commitments - Safety

Resources deployed

The FOSELEV group has chosen the MASE system to manage safety, hygiene and the environment.

This system, in place for a number of years, has allowed for significant improvement in results, thanks to our personnel’s motivation and permanent awareness of the preventive measures in terms of professional risks.

In parallel to the MASE certification, we also adhere to CEFRI regulation for operations in the nuclear sector, which defines the principles and procedures for those personnel that are exposed to radiation.

Our personnel conform to this regulation, and are trained in radio protection, specific nuclear risks and standard risks.

To put our policy in place, the necessary, innovative means have been allocated by the senior management :


Furthermore, our role is above all to make our personnel well aware of our strong safety policy.  

Diverse tools are combined with daily management:

  • Welcome and shadowing period/ Risk assessment for new employees
  • Group safety challenge
  • Surveys, visits and discussions from which the information is thoroughly analysed
  • Safety information: ‘flash’ information (live updates), risk cards, risk assessments, safety standards
  • Debriefing + Client feedback
  • Making our operations reliable, see more below
  • Individual safety objective

Making our operations reliable

We follow a series of processes in order to make sure all of our staff are sensitive to the risks involved in their work.

Our operations are made reliable through various processes, which make up an integral part of our procedures :

The pre-job briefing

This stage allows for the good preparation of the task, the anticipation of potential problems and their solutions.

The one-minute pause

This guarantees the personal safety of the operator. It involves the sounding out of the working environment and the final checks before the start of the operation.

Secure Communication

There is a communication protocol that allows for the transmission of clear, full and targeted information.


This practice allows involves a risk-control for the execution of key actions, by an independent and competent colleague. 


In this stage, operators are encouraged to re-read the safety procedures, thus guaranteeing that the proposed equipment is adequate for the planned operation.  

The debriefing

This stage is very significant as it allows the important elements of the experience to be retained and consolidated.

It is vital to come back to the identification and treatment of problems and discrepancies. This also allows exchanges concerning potential improvements of future work situations.

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