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Modular Constructions

This division is specialised in the rental and sale of modular constructions

Through our strategic network of agencies holding a set of 25,000 modules in total, we are able to offer services that are closely adapted to your needs. 

Our collective resources allow us to provide and master all of the necessary services: transport, handling, installations, electrical connections, water supply, cleaning and adaptations.

This complete command of each step is a mark of peerless rapidity and reactivity.


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Rental of pre-fabricated and complete sets of modules

From 15m to 3000m, for a day or for several years, our modular division is totally adaptable to your needs.

Spread across our 10 agencies in France, our stock of rentable modules contains a complete range of ‘bungalows’.

From sanitary facilities to cloakrooms, from offices to meeting rooms, we conform to all the requirements of your activities. 

Sale or rental-sale of pre-fabricated and complete sets of modules

Our specialised research office will analyse your project in detail with you, sticking strictly to the preliminary budget given.

Alongside this, thanks to our network of partners, we lead a financial study (financial renting/ leasing) in order to manage your project in line with your possibilities and desires. 

Turnkey services

We study your specifications in detail and provide the optimal advice, thus offering a complete and specific service for your project.

This turnkey solution includes:

  • Transport from our agencies
  • Installation and assembly by our multi-talented teams of professionals
  • Specific layouts: stairs, air conditioning, electricity, alarms.
  • Furniture and rentable accessories, adapted to you needs.
  • Module insurance
  • Independent sanitary maintenance
  • Building transfers, layout planning, renovation, extension.

All configurations are possible according to your activity sector.

In effect, our range of services responds directly to the requirements of different markets:

  • Industry and services
  • Construction
  • Commercial
  • Local communities
  • Catering
  • Education
  • Leisure - Events
  • Health

Our modular solutions allow for rapid, flexible, comfortable and economical installation, which easily matches traditional constructions, whilst always rigorously conforming to the legal terms.

Our research office, thanks to its knowledge of standards, will make sure your turnkey projects conform precisely to the Safety and Hygiene regulation imposed by the code of work (decree of 08/01/65 modified 01/09/94) and equally the CRAM (in particular the CRAMIF).

Elsewhere, all of our operational personnel follow rigorous Quality - Safety procedures and are trained and aware of the strict safety rules unique to each sector.


Construction modulaire - Bâtiment préfabriqué - Locaux temporaires préfabriqués


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