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In the last 5 years, the FOSELEV group has taken on a major challenge in order to further its development and continue to grow. It has realised its INTERNATIONAL potential, notably in North Africa and in Equatorial Africa (Congo, Gabon and Angola).  

It is by creating the entity FOSELEV INTERNATIONAL, with its specialized divisions each offering the complete catalogue of FOSELEV services that the Group has responded to the demands of the fast-growing sectors of oil/petroleum and oil services, as well as diverse industrial development sectors.

Our international agencies offer a complete package based on our French model :

  • Lifting, handling, transport
  • Technical assistance and industrial maintenance
  • Industrial piping (new construction, unit shutdowns, revamping)
  • Civil engineering and levelling
  • Module rental (offices, site bases, changing rooms, canteens)
  • Technical training

Along with this array of services, we support all of our clients in these markets by providing technical organization, reliable logistics and knowledge of the local industrial systems.

Our independent local agencies have their own technical resources at their disposal, allowing them to take charge of operations that are targeted, complex, punctual and also long term.

We complement the staff of our international agencies with local human resources, always based on our own framework and training structures.

FOSELEV INTERNATIONAL provides a quality of service in line with the QUALITY benchmarks and the improvement policy of the Group.

The Group’s Safety Policy, which is central to all of our agencies, is equally emphasized in our international agencies, and reinforced by formal safety procedures. All of our operators are trained and sensitive to the risks that are inherent to their work.


General contractor – Complete Lifting Package – Industrial maintenance –
Industrial piping – Environment – Modular construction – Civil engineering
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