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Group Policy

« An active recruitment policy across all our divisions ! ».

After 40 years of experience, the FOSELEV Group’s ambition is to be one of the major players in Industry and Building services in France and internationally.

Wherever the FOSELEV Group operates, we aim for maximum efficiency through the strong culture at the foundations of the group. 

Our Human Resources policy supports the development of the group by ensuring the promotion of our key values :

  • Winning spirit
  • Service-minded
  • Results culture
  • Respecting commitments
  • Working together for High Performance

The men and women that are fully invested in the FOSELEV adventure grow with the business and, together, are making it through tougher times than ever before. ‘Independence’ and ‘Versatility’ are the key words, together with a participative management style. Just as the client has high demands for FOSELEV, FOSELEV has high demands of its employees.

Mobility is encouraged: it is an opportunity to develop new competencies and earn new responsibilities. FOSELEV Group’s international expansion receives great interest amongst our current and prospective employees alike.

Our business functions are not outdone in that our safety and training efforts allow us to orientate the employees that so desire to transmit their expertise.

Overlapping functions are not overlooked; the time we put into safety and training means that our employees are also able to pass down their expertise if they so wish to.

The 40 year anniversary of the FOSELEV Group represents new challenges and conquests.  

One of the major challenges for our Human Resources team is thus to recruit the technicians and managers of tomorrow; all of our divisions, all of our managers and all other employees, in close conjunction with the group’s recruitment service, are currently available to communicate our career opportunities to any candidate that matches our values, our ambitions and our work areas.

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