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Lifting Services

Historically one of the group’s major services, the lifting division has continued to expand in the last 40 years. Today, we are able to offer a very complete selection of lifting services across our network in France, its overseas departments and Africa.

Our lifting services :

  • Crane hire (long or short term)
  • Gantry handling operations
  • Rental of complementary lifting machines (semi-trailer truck [articulated lorry], truck with hydraulic arm, nacelles, forklift trucks)
  • Turn-key handling operations
  • Transport
  • Industrial transfers

Lifting - Handling



  • Crane rental from 35 to 600 Tonnes

    We have a fleet of 270 recent cranes at our disposal spread over the entirety of our network. Our flexible organisation allows us to simultaneously cater for : 

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    • Punctual operations
    • Contract-related services
    • Turn-key handling operations

Rental of trucks with hydraulic arm up to 70T/meters

This fleet of machines is specially adapted for operations that combine Mobility – Rapidity – Handling and implementation.

Of a smaller size, it responds directly to the on-site size restrictions


  • Rental of lattice boom crawler cranes up to 400 Tonnes.

    A direct response to your lifting problems, this type of machine is capable of either ad hoc or long term works :


    • Classic lifting operations

    • Specific or particular lifting operations

    • Dredging, special foundation works, vibro-sinking, dynamic compaction

Thanks to its versatility, this machine can adapt perfectly to all types of building sites and to new, sometimes extreme, site conditions.

    • Gantry lifting operations up to 400 tonnes.

(Transformer replacement, turbine lifting, positioning of machine tools, shifting of reactor, reactor installation)

These extremely precise hydraulic machines facilitate extraction in places filled with different equipments. 


We have centralised our means and resources through an especially dedicated division for this type of operation.

This specialised division is made up of heavy duty cranes (600 tonnes), specialised equipment (such as our 400 Ton gantry crane) and specialised transportation machines (such as our low-slung semi-trailer truck [articulated lorry]).

From the lifting engineering to the coordination of all trade areas, it thus offers a complete set of turnkey services right up until the completion of the project.

Our highly qualified teams along with our all inclusive, efficient logistics allow us to operate at the heart of diverse sectors, carrying out complex lifting of equipment, boiler parts etc.


Our teams of specialists take care of all turnkey operations.

  • Erection of industrial units and metal works
  • Hand held carrying and shifting
  • Erection of tower-cranes

Our teams are made up of specialists, who are highly experienced in their professions of Erection, Lifting and Handling.

Each year, our teams receive training sessions in lifting safety and load handling. For those that work in petro chemistry, our workers also have the G.T.I.S training and certification.


Our teams of operators have the CACES certification and are always trained to use lifting machines and sensitive to the security rules.

On the other hand, we have an internal team dedicated to the maintenance of our materials; they assure maintenance is carried out in a preventive and curative manner.

All of our lifting apparatus is regularly internally checked, as well as a periodic check from an agreed external organization.

Industrial transfers - Transport

Whether it is an internal transfer within a single site or an external transfer to another location, industrial transfers are a delicate operation and can have heavy risks attached.

FOSELEV, present in this market for many years, has responded to these requirements with adapted materials and logistics; equally a human organization made up of versatile and multi-functional teams for operations in France and internationally.


We take charge of a large variety of transfers: factory, unit, production line, machines, industrial materials, assembly/disassembly and reimplantation as well as preparation, handling and transport operations.  

We orchestrate all movements involved in re-structuring or transferring to a new site, by carrying out :

  • A preliminary analysis of requirements
  • A diagram defining the different operational phases
  • An analysis of technical constraints
  • Management of all trade bodies
  • Respect for requirements and deadlines

We have competent and multi-skilled technicians (in mechanics, handling and electricity) at our disposal, who are capable of ensuring the complete transfer of your production lines.


We have a complete set of transport machines, spread across our network of agencies, fulfilling the needs of :

  • Classic/conventional transport

We organise the delivery and unloading/installation of your materials, equipment and merchandise.

Our fleet of 25T semi-trailer/hydraulic arm trucks allows us to provide the flexible and efficient logistics required for transport operations.

  • Specialised any-distance transport

Thanks to our low-bed machines, such as our low-loader trucks, we are able to transport heavy/high volume loads whilst staying in complete control.

  • Abnormal load transport of 2nd/3rd category

Abnormal load transport can’t be improvised. Numerous, sometimes heavy, regulations exist and must be respected.

FOSELEV takes account of all these administrative aspects and regulations, whilst always methodically transporting your loads of any size all over France.


Lifting/Elevation of personnel: Hire of aerial work platforms

Associated with the lifting and transport package, the FOSELEV Group's 'Elevation of personnel' division is specialised in the hire of equipment for work at height, which includes a diverse range of activity areas.

Directly responding to various uses, our range of aerial work platforms covers work at heights up to 70 meters.

All of our lifts are the result of a rigorous technical selection process and are well adapted to the particular project and your sites or installations.

Our set of machines is principally made up of :

  • VL Aerial lift trucks from 8 to 22 m (with or without operator)
  • PL Aerial lift trucks going from 26 to 70 meters (authorized operator required)
  • Elevating platforms from 8 to 18m
  • VL aerial work platforms from 8 to 22 m (with or without operator)
  • Self-propelled aerial work platforms going from 12 to 41 m

Complete package

This package was put together in order to respond to the diverse needs of our clients in the most efficient way possible; from lifting, handling and assembly to transport and elevation of personnel. 

This overall package consists of the managing of operations such as the implantation of specific and varied equipment (appliances, pumps, reactors, columns), made easier by the presence of a single representative for the client and all the services. 

This multitude of lifting competencies along with the versatility of our personnel makes for a package that is well adapted for all of our clients.

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