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FOSELEV LOGISTIQUE is a division of the FOSELEV group, specialised in logistics and storage of diverse liquids.

On top of logistical optimization, FOSELEV’s storage solution provides businesses with material stock at their disposition, allowing them to respond better to fluctuations in demand.

Logistics services adapted to the specific needs of manufacturers :

  • Logistics
  • Long and short term storage of bulk liquids
  • Adaptable storage capacities for diverse applications
  • Reception of goods arriving by truck, train, ship
  • Storage and preservation of products
  • Stock management

Significant means for bulk storage :

  • Storage capacities up to 82, 000m3
  • 40 stainless steel vats of varying capacity: 500 to 5000m3
  • A totally secured enclosure of 100,000m2
  • Onsite internal rail network
  • Specialised shipping junction, allowing for cargo ships with a draft of up to 8m.
  • Direct loading and unloading by pipe.

A privileged location on the Mediterranean :

  • Strategic location on the Mediterranean
  • Situated at Port-La-Nouvelle (Aude), in the heart of a dynamic industrial port zone on the Mediterranean coast.
  • Site with multi-modal transport access (maritime, rail, road)
  • Easy motorway access (A9)

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