Piping - Sheet metal work

Metallurgy is an essential link of any complete maintenance policy.

As well as the industrial and technical aspects, metallurgy is subject to extremely stringent regulation. Sheet metal work, with its high-pressure equipment and piping conform to extremely rigorous standards (such as PED). 

Through its metallurgy activity, FOSELEV has developed recognized competence and significant experience in managing your interventions, modifications and improvements.

The constraints of metallurgy in maintenance are significant and multiple, the most significant being that generally operations are carried out whilst the unit is still active. It is thus necessary to have:

  • Significant knowledge of the safety rules
  • Rigorous preparation
  • Precise prefabrication
  • Competent, available and organized operations teams
  • Irreproachable activity reports

Our research office is available to analyse all of your projects in:

  • Piping: prefabrication of stainless steel, carbon steel and special steel up to 32 inches and on-site assembly
  • Metalwork, Steel structuring: Metal modules (skids), footwalks, guard rails, decking, diverse metal structures…
  • Sheet metal work: boilers,storage tanks (up to 100m3), tanks, ventilations ducts and other sheet metal parts.

All of our workshops are equipped with recent and specific tool machines and are located within close proximity of our clients and the principal industrial sites.

Our geographical coverage allows us to mobilize the technical and human resources that guarantee we have a response to all of your needs.


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