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Conception de matériels et équipements

FOSELEV, au travers de sa filiale, ABCIS dispose d'une unité d'ingénierie accompagnant les clients pour des projets de conception de machines et d'équipements spéciaux de la définition du cahier des charges  jusqu'à la mise en service.

ABCIS déploie une offre de services pour les secteurs de l'offshore, du levage et de la manutention, des travaux publics couvrant la conception et la réalisation de matériels et d'équipements, les calculs, la conformité et la mise aux normes, l'ingénierie, les audits, la maitenance ainsi que la rénovation.

Avec une expérience poussée de environnements sévères et exigeants, ABCIS développe, construit et met en service les matériels avec prise en compte exhaustive des spécifications et des exigences.
L'accompagnement d'ABCIS se poursuit par la réalisation d'audits de surveillance, de la maintenance préventive et curative, la mise en conformité normative et règlementaire, le revamping des matériels.

L'offre de services concentre les compétences suivantes :

- Mécanique, 

- Mécano-soudure, 

- Hydraulique,

- Pneumatique, 

- Contrôle-commande.

Cette filiale du Groupe FOSELEV excelle dans la conception d'équipements et d'apparaux de levage, d'équipements pour la manutention, de matériels et d'équipements de travaux publics et des systèmes de sécurité.


Electricity - System monitoring

Across its CSMR and SIREM subsidiaries, FOSELEV has 25 years of know-how in the fields of industrial electricity, system monitoring and automatism.

Our maintenance strategy is structured around the following axes:

  • Method
  • Prevention
  • Improvement
  • Modification/Intervention

We thus put in place a certain number of indicators, which allow us to measure and detect the weak points of a unit and propose the best adapted solutions.

With this in mind, we apply a, flow management strategy organized around the following action points:

  • Standardise the plant’s control architecture
  • Establish consistent and reliable plant management
  • Manage all procedures concerning the traceability of materials
  • Specify production scheduling (flow management, just-in-time production…) systems)
  • Apply the ‘55 method’

Our service equally covers all preventive interventions for automation or for instrumentation (e.g.: calibration of flow sensors).

Our research department analyses the data retrieved in order to suggest a model for a series of improvements or modifications:

  • A functional production model
  • Modelling and conception of the control architecture by level
  • Reverse engineering and technological development of systems in need of renovation
  • Detail and feasibility design
  • Functional and organizational analysis
  • Formulation of standards for automated systems?

We also offer:

  • Process maintenance contract
  • Preventive and curative maintenance operations of safety and lighting installations
  • Preventive and curative maintenance operations of doors and motorized gates
  • Preventive and curative maintenance operations of lifting equipment (travelling cranes, jib cranes, …)
  • Servicing and calibration of converters and battery chargers
  • Testing of fire detection equipment: periodic control of existing installations (bump test by ionizing gas, heat generator, polyutherane foam glowing)
  • Operations on control systems equipment: calibration of flow, pressure and temperature systems on testing bench.
  • Installation of regulation electrical tracing on vats and piping
  • Design and construction of complete weak/strong current installations
  • Detail design and construction package for automatism-control monitoring
  • Complete renovation and construction of low-voltage electrical cabinets

All our branches operating in this sector have the necessary certification (MASE and CEFRI) and are EDF authorized in electricity and control systems.

They are also authorised for « Confidential Defence » and « Secret Defence » (levels of military classification).

Nondestructive testing

With the demand for thorough maintenance, the notion of prevention is always backed up by regular, reliable and efficient testing. In a nuclear enclosure, these tests are absolutely essential.

Since 1989, FOSELEV’s CSMR division has developed its knowledge of tightness tests of nuclear plants/enclosures.

We can carry out our tests by:

  • Pressure variation following the EN 13 184 standard
  • Trace gas

In this case, we use two different techniques: “breathing” after helium pressurization of the enclosure, or vacuum by helium spray.

Our technicians have many different types of leak detectors: spectrometers, oxygen analysers, measuring set, milliamp calibrators…

This equipment is used by our qualified and experienced personnel, who all have the COFREND level II and COFREND level III certification.

CSMR has the ISO 9001 and CEFRI certification, as well as the Alliance Schneider authorization.

Piping - Sheet metal work

Metallurgy is an essential link of any complete maintenance policy.

As well as the industrial and technical aspects, metallurgy is subject to extremely stringent regulation. Sheet metal work, with its high-pressure equipment and piping conform to extremely rigorous standards (such as PED). 

Through its metallurgy activity, FOSELEV has developed recognized competence and significant experience in managing your interventions, modifications and improvements.

The constraints of metallurgy in maintenance are significant and multiple, the most significant being that generally operations are carried out whilst the unit is still active. It is thus necessary to have:

  • Significant knowledge of the safety rules
  • Rigorous preparation
  • Precise prefabrication
  • Competent, available and organized operations teams
  • Irreproachable activity reports

Our research office is available to analyse all of your projects in:

  • Piping: prefabrication of stainless steel, carbon steel and special steel up to 32 inches and on-site assembly
  • Metalwork, Steel structuring: Metal modules (skids), footwalks, guard rails, decking, diverse metal structures…
  • Sheet metal work: boilers,storage tanks (up to 100m3), tanks, ventilations ducts and other sheet metal parts.

All of our workshops are equipped with recent and specific tool machines and are located within close proximity of our clients and the principal industrial sites.

Our geographical coverage allows us to mobilize the technical and human resources that guarantee we have a response to all of your needs.


Steel structuring / Metal work

Our clients need to be able to adapt their production sites.

Legal constraints, new products, safety planning; the structures of production units have to evolve.

This is why we have developed a metal work and steel structuring section.
Our “structure” research centre is D.A.O and C.A.O. equipped so that it can satisfy your metal wordkand steel structuring requests, for both classic and more complex projects.

As such, we can devise, pre-fabricate and assemble:

  • Storage hangars
  • Production units
  • Metallic framework
  • Large doors
  • Fire doors
  • Process metal modules
  • Footwalks, guard rails, metal ladders

Our competencies and qualifications in welding allow us to deal with a large range of different metals (steel), and notably to be able to weld slightly different types of metal:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper based alloys and aluminum

All of our building sites are closely monitored for perfect traceability.

Likewise, we have more than 120 DMOS, allowing us to weld whilst conforming perfectly to legal restraints. 

Hydraulic - Pneumatic

The specialised CIMAT SARTEC agencies are highly competent in the maintenance of hydraulic systems up to 400 bars.

We handle the following hydraulic components : all types of pumps, hydraulic motors, jacks, accumulators, distributors, filters and collections of parts.

As such, our range of operations covers the following phases:

  • Failure diagnostic
  • Servicing and restoration to fully functioning condition (with trials in the workshop)
  • Optimisation service through analysis of weaknesses and concept modification
  • Preventive and curative maintenance package
  • Monitoring of the oil quality and complete site cleanup (3 groups of on-site filtration, closed loop, with testing under pressure for impurity content)

Equally, we have full means for testing such as:

  • Pollution test kit
  • Pressure/output test kit
  • Oil analysis, particle counter, water content
  • Hydraulic jacks and components testing bench
  • Pump and motor testing bench
  • Testing and repairing bench for hydraulic cylinders

To this date, we have dealt with the maintenance of over 1500 hydraulic installations, in partnership with constructors and clients (Marine Nationale [French Navy], SOLLAC, DCNS, etc.)

In pneumatics, our teams offer the diagnostic and restoration of your facilities up to 8 bars, including replacement of components, provision of flexible piping, and attempts at restarting the control circuits and actuators installed on your machines.

Machining - Mechanised welding

Based on the general plans provided by our clients, the research branch of our preparation cell carries out all of the detailed research necessary for complex assembly operations.

Our workshops, which are spread across the country, have a complete set of machine tools allowing them to cover a large variety of needs:

  • Metal part fabrication centre 'Mazak CN Yyy'
  • Jig boring machine 'Mikromat Yyy'
  • Milling machine 'Huré' (type RU 991) 4.5m course on fixed bench
  • Universal milling machine 'Huron' MU6
  • Boring machine 'Cornac' type M.C.C. 1337 1600mm x 1000mm x 1000m
  • Parallel lathe machine
  • Hydraulic presses (200t, 100t and 30t)
  • Pipe forming bell (Capacity: 1500 x 2 and 2500 x 10 mm)
  • Shearing machine 'Promecam' type BRG and 'Comessa' (Capacity 4000 x 10mm)
  • 1 bending machine 'Haco' type PHH 4018 (capacity 4000 x 8mm)
  • 1 bending machine 'Colly' (200 tons, Capacity 5000 x 8mm)
  • Pendulum saw 'Kast' and band saw (350mm capacity)

Our teams of professionals, along with the refined technical means in our workshops are capable of carrying out:

  • Fabrication of equipment for sheet metal work
  • Fabrication of furnaces, grinding machine
  • Fabrication of pressure vessels
  • Line shafting and rotating machinery repairs
  • Restoration of presses, packaging machines and wirework machines
  • Tubular exchanger repairs


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