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Committed to the policy of preserving natural energy supplies, the industry leaders of this sector must develop new solutions that promote sustainable development.

It is through the modernization and development of their infrastructures, the construction of new means of production and the improvement of technical and environmental performance that major energy companies respond to the serious challenges of this strategic sector.

The FOSELEV group, under the guidance of the senior management, has in recent years rolled out a mobilisation and investment plan aimed at developing the 5 key divisions in the Energy market. 

It is by equipping itself with significant technical means, by re-enforcing its human resources and by obtaining the necessary certification, that the Group has been able to position itself in this key market and cover the needs of the energy chain :

  • Lifting /Handling operationsTurbine works
  • Establishment of overall preventive maintenance contracts
  • Construction of new units
  • Modular constructions


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