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National Navy

In perpetual movement, the (French) National Navy works daily in metropolitan France, its overseas departments and in seas all across the globe.

Its fleet is made up of more than 100 units, including: surface boats, nuclear attack submarines (SNA), nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SNLE) and nuclear aircraft carriers (PAN).

In parallel with targeted reparation works, the maintenance of these units in an operational condition is a major strategic necessity for the nation.

To respond to these needs the FOSELEV Group has created a specialized division, dedicated to naval repairs on these vessels.

Thanks to their organization and their experience, FOSELEV MARINE and CIMAT SARTEC are both experts in managing repair and renovation sites (using controlled technical shutdowns).

Our highly specialised technicians and material means (a 1700 t floating dock, hydraulic testing stations) and our strategic positioning opening up to the Mediterranean means we are able to respond to all of the requirements of this sector.

Sea Yachts

The sea yachting market is today experiencing rapid growth.

Thanks to our floating dock and 300m of space on the quay of the Rade of Toulon, we offer a variety of services on all parts (paintwork, hull, propulsion, mechanic, hydraulic) of yachts up to 70m long.

Maritime Works

The market for maritime works is very diverse: ports, quays, buoys or military, and is based on sustainable development.

Thanks to its dynamic 'CASTOR  2' vessel (50m in length) and its tow boat ‘COSTAUD’, FOSELEV MARINE is able to perform in markets such as laying of cables and antennas, testing, submarine maintenance and all maritime servicing works up to 2,000m deep.  

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