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Nuclear is expected to occupy an increasingly significant part of the energy sector in the future.

The development of nuclear energy will in turn create a noticeable increase in demand.

To respond to growing energy demands with a form of energy that is secure, economical and respectful to the environment, the major companies in this sector have to renew and modernise their production tools and installations, whilst continuing to invest in new technological solutions.

The FOSELEV Group, present in the nuclear sector for a number of years, has developed a complete service package, well-adapted to the high demands of this sector.

By creating specialized divisions dedicated to nuclear, the Group has given itself the means to respond to all of the requirements of business involved in this sector, such as :

  • New Construction and General Contraction
  • Maintenance (Maintenance & Compliance works)
  • Unit shut downs
  • Unit dismantlement

We have capable, trained and technically prepared teams who can work both in open zones and controlled (active) zones.

Our top priority is to engage our personnel in the great challenges of tomorrow, train them and allow them to progress in a safe and secure environment.

The CEFRI certification, recognised by nuclear professionals and accredited by COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee), allows us to move forward in this sector whilst strictly conforming to the appropriate procedures.

We are equally developing a service package for the main operators in nuclear research, such as the Atomic Energy Commission and ITER.

As such, we have created a specialised ‘on-site’ division, with significant capabilities and dedicated entirely to the ITER project.

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