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Responding to major challenges in the health industry generates a number of obligations within the pharmaceutical industry.

Having to constantly adapt their portfolio of products to the main characteristics of the market, the main operators must follow a strategy that combines :

  • Massive investment in research and  development
  • Continual growth and targeted expansion of their target market, with the emphasis on prevention
  • Investment in production capacity, whilst always responding to the demands of regulation

Considering the demands of this sector, FOSELEV has developed a step-by-step approach, taking great care to conform to external validation procedures, as well as the wishes of the client.

For this very specific market we have a dedicated pharmaceuticals team, which is composed of the best, most experienced specialists.

Our knowledge of this environment and of the correct methods of fabrication has allowed us to put together a targeted offer based around the following services :

  • Lifting and setting up of equipment
  • Production unit construction (Facilities network, process network)
  • Maintenance contracts and shutdown works
  • Industrial transfers
  • Provision of modules

FOSELEV is particularly sensitive to the satisfaction of its clients. This is why our approach is centered on continuous competitiveness and high competency levels, as well as quick reactions and the closeness expected by our clients.


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