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Steel Industry

In a national and international context of deep change, the steel industry is taking on a significant strategic importance.

This sector, made up of areas of opportunity, is equally characterised by a renewed competitive environment, sharp changes in supply flow (resulting in strong tensions in the marketplace) and the increase of environmental constraints.

The FOSELEV Group has, through its long history in the sector, developed a set of steelwork skills and services, meaning it can cater for all the needs of businesses in this sector.

From classic or complex lifting services to the undertaking of lifting contracts, to maintenance, to stocking, our organization can adapt itself perfectly to your structure and daily needs.

Paying close attention to your concerns, we always recommend the necessary services for the efficient functioning of your operations. 

Our operators have a deep knowledge of the steel industry, allowing them to fully understand your processes and take ownership of your business’ challenges.

Our strategy is to capitalize on our strong points in order to back up our operational performance.


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