Lifting - Handling



  • Crane rental from 35 to 600 Tonnes

    We have a fleet of 270 recent cranes at our disposal spread over the entirety of our network. Our flexible organisation allows us to simultaneously cater for : 

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    • Punctual operations
    • Contract-related services
    • Turn-key handling operations

Rental of trucks with hydraulic arm up to 70T/meters

This fleet of machines is specially adapted for operations that combine Mobility – Rapidity – Handling and implementation.

Of a smaller size, it responds directly to the on-site size restrictions


  • Rental of lattice boom crawler cranes up to 400 Tonnes.

    A direct response to your lifting problems, this type of machine is capable of either ad hoc or long term works :


    • Classic lifting operations

    • Specific or particular lifting operations

    • Dredging, special foundation works, vibro-sinking, dynamic compaction

Thanks to its versatility, this machine can adapt perfectly to all types of building sites and to new, sometimes extreme, site conditions.

    • Gantry lifting operations up to 400 tonnes.

(Transformer replacement, turbine lifting, positioning of machine tools, shifting of reactor, reactor installation)

These extremely precise hydraulic machines facilitate extraction in places filled with different equipments. 


We have centralised our means and resources through an especially dedicated division for this type of operation.

This specialised division is made up of heavy duty cranes (600 tonnes), specialised equipment (such as our 400 Ton gantry crane) and specialised transportation machines (such as our low-slung semi-trailer truck [articulated lorry]).

From the lifting engineering to the coordination of all trade areas, it thus offers a complete set of turnkey services right up until the completion of the project.

Our highly qualified teams along with our all inclusive, efficient logistics allow us to operate at the heart of diverse sectors, carrying out complex lifting of equipment, boiler parts etc.


Our teams of specialists take care of all turnkey operations.

  • Erection of industrial units and metal works
  • Hand held carrying and shifting
  • Erection of tower-cranes

Our teams are made up of specialists, who are highly experienced in their professions of Erection, Lifting and Handling.

Each year, our teams receive training sessions in lifting safety and load handling. For those that work in petro chemistry, our workers also have the G.T.I.S training and certification.


Our teams of operators have the CACES certification and are always trained to use lifting machines and sensitive to the security rules.

On the other hand, we have an internal team dedicated to the maintenance of our materials; they assure maintenance is carried out in a preventive and curative manner.

All of our lifting apparatus is regularly internally checked, as well as a periodic check from an agreed external organization.

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