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Modular constructions

Originally in the Public Construction sector on industrial sites, modular construction has progressively moved into different areas. It is now common place to find collections of huts and other storage containers amongst communities, schools, training organisms, stadiums, sporting events…

As requirements develop and change, the modular construction rental business requires teams that are in sync with the requirements of the market, capable to offer the best solutions and to anticipate tomorrow’s challenges (notably sustainable development).

The main positions available in this sector:

  • Agency Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Stock Manager
  • Design draftsperson
  • Licensed driver
  • Electrician
  • Modular Construction assembly

Focus on

Focus on: Modular Construction Fitter (m/w)

The Modular Construction Fitter works closely with the commercial and administrative services of our agencies.

In the workshop, as on site, they conduct their operations according to the client’s specifications, whilst respecting the quality procedures of the business, and in the given timeframe.

Modular Construction Fitters work regularly on new constructions so, depending on the type of rental, the constructions must be tested, cleaned and reconditioned before being used again by new users. The ‘preparation’ step here becomes an unavoidable step in daily production, as in many professions.

Technicality and versatility are significant qualities, considering that Modular Construction Fitters are, above all, peerless handymen who are able to operate in practically all areas: carpentry, plumbing, electricity, painting, flooring…

To work in this trade, solid training as a building electrician remains favoured, as it is a solid foundation on which the necessary technical competencies and versatility can be developed.

As in Traditional Construction, our clients expect quality, comfortable Modular Constructions; our fitters know that our structures are a showcase of our services and thus handle them in the best possible way.

Overall, the organizational qualities of our fitters make up a significant asset for the successful management of production, in a systematically organized, and thus safe, environment. 


François M, Modular Construction Fitter with COFICIEL

“At a very young age, I dismantled, repaired and reassembled everything around the house; it thus seemed a logical choice to turn towards the Auto-Mechanic profession. Not finding the versatility I wanted in this line of work, I instead earned a professional qualification to became a Plumbing/Heating specialist. It is through this that I developed the technical competencies and the versatility required: from installing sanitary facilities to boilers, I have greatly developed my profile as a multifunctional worker.

Guided by an artisan electrician, I discovered modular construction when I started with COFICIEL BUUNGALOWS in 2007: the position allowed me to make efficient use of all my competencies and a certain creativity, in a dynamic, or even ‘sporting’ context; luckily so, I used to be a footballer!

You have to stay on top of the workload though, which can be heavy depending on the period. The lack of rest periods, and equally the preparation of constructions picked up from disrespectful clients could be a turn-off for some; however the quality of material provided, and above all the team spirit allows us to get past delicate tasks. 

As opposed to previous positions I have held, this settled profession has allowed me to return to hours that fit more with my family life, whilst still in a site-based environment.”

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