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Environment - Industrial cleaning

All of our operational clients frequently carry out scheduled operations on their premises.  
The industrial cleaning profession is strongly influenced by industrial events such as Unit or Factory Shutdowns or in relation to legal/inspecting visits, for safety, maintenance and procedure reasons.

Bearing in mind the ‘age pyramid’ in this sector, regular recruitment is common to ensure the continual renewal of staff. Whilst these professions are not taught at school and remain relatively unknown, training programs exist in order to provide the technical background and stringent safety procedures necessary.   

The main positions available in this activity area are :

  • Agency manager
  • Contract manager
  • Site Manager – Team Leader
  • Industrial Maintenance Assistant
  • Cleaning truck driver 
  • High pressure pump attendant
  • Refinery fitter
  • Cleaner
  • Agency assistant


Focus on

Focus on: Fitter

Part of our Cleaning Section, the fitter often has a specific title (such as ‘Refinery Fitter’) because petrochemical sites are the usual workplace for these personnel. 

The profession consists of dismantling, slinging, testing, replacing seals, cleaning and adjusting the major systems of industrial installations: waterworks, exchangers, piping lines…

The safety precautions are more or less sensitive according to the work at hand; identifying the risks and protecting oneself are part of the profession.

This profession equally requires proper preparation; assembly instructions, safety instructions and plans must be read well in advance of the start of the works. Operations must also be documented and all follow-up documents completed (accountability).

It is team based work, which requires a good sense of cohesion to effectively carry out works within the timeframe specified by our clients. The work is carried out on scheduled hours (2 x 8 hours, 3 x 8 hours) and requires wide availability.

It should be noted that the fitting profession requires regular national travel to our client’s locations.

As part of our recruitment policy, we generally welcome candidates with technical skills and significant experience within the profession; we regularly complete the training of our fitters, in order to build their technical skills, versatility and of course their safety awareness. 


Mustapha B., Fitting Team Leader, FOSELEV INDUSTRIES

It was at the age of 18 that I discovered the Refinery Fitting profession; coming out of school without any significant qualification, I needed to work, and it was the active industrial area around (the reservoir) l’Etang de Berre that allowed me to find my first job. I thus started work with a maintenance business, specialised in unit shutdowns, who offered me my first permanent contract.

I have worked there for 10 years, during which I have learned the trade alongside specialised workers. We disassemble, sling, clean and reassemble all the equipment present in a petrochemical plant. Waterworks, valves, exchangers, columns… we have to know each appliance, it’s very technical.

The job is a lot less physical today and it’s thanks to strong teamwork that we are able to return the unit to the client in the briefest of delays.

I have been on a permanent contract with FOSELEV since 2005, supervising small teams. It’s not always easy as less and less people are interested in this profession despite the training programs and the opportunity for career progression available. It’s true that you need to be available, very mobile and interested in all industrial sites, despite site constraints.

Alongside a strong command of the profession, I take pride in my safety awareness; I have never injured myself. Risk is everywhere if you don’t respect the safety guidelines! Whilst our clients may judge us on quality, they are also very focused on our safety behavior; 

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