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The lifting market is characterised by a constant activity level and by steady investment in the Construction and Industry areas.

The original activity of the FOSELEV Group, this sector is faced with an ‘age pyramid’ problem; those interested by the professional image that it carries and the national and international openings available are thus welcomed.

For this activity area, we offer a selection of positions that cover the different aspects of our work:

  • Agency Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Commercial Manager
  • Dispatcher
  • Mobile crane operator
  • Licensed Driver for Truck with articulated arm
  • Aerial Work Platform truck driver
  • Lifting assembly – Industrial Handling - Slinging
  • Agency Assistant

Focus on

Focus on: « Mobile Crane operator m/w »

The mobile crane operator operates lifting machines designed to lift and reposition masses of varying heights and loading distances.

They represent the FOSELEV Group when working with its clients (commercial role).

They carry out their operations whilst thoroughly respecting our Quality procedures and Security norms.

The post requires work on industrial and public works; it can require regional, national and international travel. The operator, alongside the maintenance teams, is also responsible maintaining the vehicle that has been provided for them to the highest of standards.

The position requires a minimum of a PL permit (cat. C), whilst an SPL (cat. EC) permit is appreciated for the versatility that comes with it.

According to our procedures, CACES is obligatory to safely operate a mobile crane; in general this is the R383M Cat.1B. 

Our training organism allows us to regularly train new employees (or retrain those whose CACES has expired); it is this integration process coupled with years of experience that makes our employees the recognised professionals that they are. 


Maurice C., one of the longest standing employees of the FOSELEV Group 

"Working as a crane operator carries, like any profession, advantages and disadvantages that must be known before making any commitment…: It is of course a professional job in that, depending on the machines used, it requires high technical skills. It mustn’t be forgotten though, that it remains on-site work and is sensitive to adverse weather conditions.

It is equally part of the service industry and requires a certain mobility and complete availability towards clients. I held this position for a great number of years without ever getting bored with the variety of work. Careful, danger is never too far, and a true professional always follows proper safety conduct. Overall, it’s a profession that requires safety awareness, patience, seriousness and vigilance."

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