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Industrial Maintenance is essential because it ensures the proper functioning of production tools as well as foreseeing and avoiding malfunctions. The evolution of the industry is characterized notably by a growing externalization of maintenance: businesses are focusing more on their main profession, whilst trusting professional exterior enterprises with maintenance operations.

In this context, the FOSELEV Group has developed an ‘Industrial Maintenance’ section, which groups together four specialised divisions for the major ordering parties of the Nuclear, Petrochemical, Naval repairs, steel and iron sectors. 

It is this section of the group that the help of numerous professionals is regularly required on a long term basis for specific construction sites.

There are two explanations for this: the FOSELEV Group is continuing to grow, meaning new positions are being created as we look to strengthen our workforce.

The main positions available in this activity area are:

  • Agency manager
  • Head of Piping or Mechanics operations
  • Maintenance contract manager
  • Mechanical work leader
  • Piping or Mechanics team leader
  • Piping or Mechanics workshop leader
  • Mechanics assistant
  • Pipe fitter –  Welder – Sheet metal worker – (Naval) Sheet metal worker
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Electro-mechanic
  • Control Systems engineer
  • Lifting machines mechanic
  • Hydraulic engineer


Focus on

Focus on: « Nuclear Maintenance Technician »

The Nuclear Maintenance Technician is in charge of all maintenance activities carried out on the control monitoring systems linked to production tools.

From carrying out small pieces of research to implementing major works, the Nuclear Maintenance Technician has a strong command of each step of our nuclear operations. They carry out the preventive and curative maintenance on electronic, electric and electro mechanic equipment/systems.

They work from plans and operating processes particular to the automatisms, the regulation systems and other equipment they are using.

A hands on position, they must equally be capable of designing plans with DAO software (Autocad, Solidworks) and be completely independent with regards to the management of documentation (procedures, reports).

The technical training provided in the Industrial Maintenance division (BTS MAI…) as in the Instrumentation division (BTS CIRA) is well adapted to the position.

Those who have recently finished their qualifications are welcomed, but a significant experience in the nuclear field is generally required to join our specialised divisions.

As with all Industrial Maintenance positions, availability, mobility and versatility are precious assets required to move forward in this area. 

A final crucial part of being a professional Nuclear Maintenance Technician is the strict observation of the Safety and Security rules; a part from the technical aspect of our work, our clients expect this, in order for long lasting partnerships to develop. 


Florent G., Maintenance Technician with CSMR

« Attracted by the world of industry, I entered into the Electro-technical division in order to land a ‘Bac STI’ (Qualification). Wanting to find out more about Automatism and Instrumentation, I decided to take a BTS CIRA (A qualification for the ‘Testing and regulation of industrial automatism’).

I often hear talk of the nuclear sector, its job opportunities and promotion paths available for technical enthusiasts. My first steps are a little tricky because working in the nuclear sector demands a good working knowledge of the onsite access and intervention procedures, not to mention the specific medical visits and the required authorizations.

It is true that we are talking about a sensitive environment from a safety point of view. I understand why certain of my colleagues can be reluctant with the idea of working in this area but I am passionate about it.

With CSMR, I developed a great deal of versatility with regards to the equipment; thus carrying out research poses no particular difficulty for me. In general, the client appreciates the fact that I have a good command of all the operational stages; I am particularly proud of providing technical solutions in emergency situations. Whilst never going too far from the site, I am progressing and receiving more and more responsibilities, in the knowledge that the road to Operations Manager is still a long one! ”

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