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Industrial Piping

Although it has seen a sharp decrease, the industrial piping market receives investment for energy, nuclear, petrochemical and pharmaceutical projects; a strong need for recruitment is thus generated amongst the service providers of this sector.

Welding requires specific competencies, which are more and more difficult to find.

We are always on the lookout for profiles that could match our Installation Maintenance division, as well as our New Works – Large Sites department.

This group of positions includes :

  • Agency manager
  • Head of piping operations
  • Maintenance Contract manager
  • Piping team leader
  • Piping workshop leader
  • Piping assistant
  • Pipe fitter - Assembler


Focus on

Focus on: Piping site supervisor

The position…

The site supervisor is in charge of co-coordinating site activities by preparing the documents and task sheets that allow production personnel to approach the work.

They closely follow diverse operations (such as welding), apply and monitor the quality system by ensuring the site conforms to established specifications, as well as manage Non Destructive Testing.

They must take care of the conformity of the works, whilst always considering the situations and progress of sub contractors. They receive the necessary work permits and make sure that each operation unfolds in the thorough respect of the Safety and Quality norms and standards.

They oversee proper implementation and preparation, and must permanently control the safety behaviour of onsite teams.

They must make sure that the relevant tools for the carrying out of the works are made available. This post is practiced on nearby, high calibre industrial sites; it involves regional and national travel.

This profession requires methods, precisions, technical know-how, availability and authority. It is the key element on which the success of the site rests.


Focus on: ‘Pipe fitter’

The pipe fitter profession consists of fitting piping networks that support various industrial sites. These piping networks carry, depending on the case, liquid or gas fluids at high or low temperatures and pressures, in accordance with the conditions of requested. 

The pipe fitter must start their activities in the workshop and then continue on site.

Based on the documents provided, they cut to length the metallic tubes and assemble them with the accessories.

They thus construct prefabricated piping sections that are then assembled on site. As well as the technical aspect, this profession requires a high level of professionalism when completing tasks.

Safety and quality are equally important: pipe fitters must wear the relevant personal protective equipment applicable to their work and respect the control points defined in the quality specifications. 


Yann P, Piping Site Supervisor, FOSELEV AGINTIS

“I started my career as a pipe fitter then after some years working with metal, thanks to my technical skills, I was able to orientate my career towards the more complete Team leader role and eventually site supervisor.

I was quickly entrusted with projects that allowed me to enrich my technical knowledge and to gain a more overall vision of projects and their finality.

I also now have real responsibilities, which allow me to thrive in my profession. Very attentive to new functions, I have been in charge of key phases such as prior preparation, summarizing instructions and fabrication procedures and compliance to regulations. 

Then, I was able to apply our preparation with the help of my team, a particularly enriching step, both technically and on a people level. Leading a team was a totally new experience for me, and this was the most significant aspect my first construction site.

I have also enjoyed the client contact; their advice, their demands, their requests. I learnt to always be available to listen to them and respond to their needs.

In conclusion, thanks to my professional development, I was able to broaden my horizons and go further; of that I’m fairly proud. ”

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