Training - Our dedicated section

Our dedicated section

Our TECHNIC HYDRO TRAINING division is specialised in providing technical training, notably for Lifting and Handling.

We equally offer complementary safety training (SST, ATEX…) as well as other diverse safety modules.

Furthermore, we are in a position to provide specific, specialised training for anything that falls within our range of competencies.

TECHNIC HYDRO TRAINING, registered under the accreditation number 93.13.05639.13 is a CACES certified training organism by BUREAU VERITAS Certification.

On top of the CACES certification TECHNIC HYDRO TRAINING strives for permanent and continued Safety improvement, by working notably on the comportment of trained staff.

Sustainable development is of equal importance in that we are progressively integrating suggestions for environmental protection into our training (e.g. energy efficient driving).

In terms of human resources, TECHNIC HYDRO TRAINING uses mainly employees of the FOSELEV Group, chosen for their technical, safety and teaching skills.

The training team is monitored through regular audits led by the directors of the division, under the supervision of the QSE Directors of the FOSELEV Group.

TECHNIC HYDRO TRAINING has a 700m2 training area in Aix-en-Provence equipped with all of the material necessary to carry out training: training rooms, IT materials, mobile cranes, aerial work platforms, travelling cranes, trucks…

Our training and testing can, however, be organized on our clients sites on the condition that all of the equipment required for CACES is available on site. A representative from the TECHNIC HYDRO TRAINING team can join clients for an inventory and validation process to check that all of the technical means required for practical exams are indeed available. 

Finally, TECHNIC HYDRO TRAINING benefits from the network of FOSELEV agencies across the nation to carry out training.

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