Training - Our Policy

Our Policy

The FOSELEV Group promotes the continual training of its staff for their entirety of their career with us, so they are able to meet the challenges that they are confronted with on a daily basis in their work. 

From the standard demands for new technology, as well as the development of certain aptitudes, the FOSELEV Group contributes financially above and beyond the legal requirements, permanently adapting to the requirements of today and tomorrow.

Thus, in the 90’s, the FOSELEV Group launched a Continual Training Service, led by a team in charge of the Teaching and Financial structure of training activities, in close contact with around 20 ‘Training Correspondents’ present in its network.  

At the same time, the FOSELEV Group created its own Training Organism, TECHNIC HYDRO FORMATION, in order to carry out the major types of training required in this field.

On top of autonomy and reactivity, the overall goal is the transmission of knowledge with the upmost respect for the rules and standards.


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