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Service offer : General contractor - Industrial contractor

FOSELEV is a general contractor whose strength lies in comprehensive nature of its services.

Thanks to our 6 divisions and the quick mobilization of our means, we are able to offer an overall package for our clients; expertise relevant to your needs combined with personal support.

This “complete package” combines advice and the best technical solutions, whilst responding to the development of your needs.

The diversity of services offered means we can cover everything necessary for the success of your project.

  • A single representative for all of our services, who ensures the monitoring and good co-ordination of diverse operations.
  • A comprehensive range of knowledge and capabilities; from site set up to the complete management of all activity linked to our 6 competence areas
  • Management of sub-contracting and subcontractors
  • Efficient organization ensuring the success of your project
  • Placing highly qualified and experienced personnel with a deep knowledge of the relevant different structures in key positions

Based on 43 years of experience, we have perfected the following range of overall service packages:

  • The implantation of turnkey site bases in France and overseas :
    FOSELEV’s teams take care of the conception, fabrication, each step of the logistic chain and all aspects of installation: Transport, transit, lifting, metalwork, electricity, plumbing, civil engineering…
  • Transport and implementation of equipment in France or overseas :
    FOSELEV takes charge of your package on its departure from your factory, and then re-installs, positions and adjusts it on arrival at the new location. FOSELEV will provide all the necessary support: Logistics, lifting, metalwork, testing and adjustment.
  • Equipment handling in controlled areas :
    FOSELEV offers a service stretching from conception to fabrication and installation in an active zone: Research, metalwork, control, Non Destructive Testing and implementation. FOSELEV controls every aspect of this chain.
  • The implementation of a pipeline in difficult areas, to allow for access to wells/boreholes :
    Strengthened by its experience in Africa, FOSELEV can study and define your piping needs, by tracing and installing pipe ways, starting prefabrication + assembly and co-ordinating all activity inherently linked to your works. 

One single representative for each project from start to finish.

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