Group - Presentation & History

Our history

1970 : Creation of the Lifting, Handling and Transport sections at Fos sur Mer

1974 : Creation of the industrial maintenance department

1976 : Creation of a branch dedicated to the repair of heavy machinery (cranes,       aerial lifts, trucks, semis)

1978 : The industrial maintenance department adds a nuclear division

1980 : Acquisition of a first Lifting agency in Paris, FOSELEV SOFREQUIP

1987 : Acquisition of a lifting site in Normandy

1991 :

  • Creation of the Industrial cleaning / Environment department with the acquisition of a site at the heart of the Lacq basin (region of south-west France)
  • Acquisition of a Lifting site in Toulon.

1992 :

  • Acquisition of a Lifting site in Savoie
  • ISO 9002 certification obtained

1994 :

  • Extension of the industrial maintenance department (revival of SARTEC)
  • Acquisition of a lifting site in Lorraine

1996 :

  • Creation of the Modular construction department with the acquisition of COFICIEL
  • Creation of the Naval reparation department and the birth of FOSELEV MARINE
  • Acquisition of new lifting sites in Vacluse

1999 : Acquisition and opening of five new agencies (North Paris, South Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Nancy)

2001 : The Group opens sites in Nice, Toulouse and Montpellier

2002 : The Group opens a site in Dunkerque

2003 : Acquisition of a new agency in the south-west

2004 : Creation of the Industrial piping department (for big construction sites) and revival of Agintis (a business bused in Rhône Alpes, Loire Atlantique, Centre, and Antilles)

2006 : Acquisition of Newtech France ( Industrial maintenance)

2007 : Acquisition of Ardenn’ Levage (lifting) ( Charleville Mézières)

2008 : Creation of FOSELEV INTERNATIONAL ( Congo, Gabon)

2011 : Acquisition of MOREAU Levage - Levage Charentais - Transports ( Yvrac - Merpins)

2012 :

  • Acquisition of LESEIGNEUR LEVAGE (Saint André d'hébertot)
  • Acquisition of HALBWACHS LEVAGE INDUSTRIE (Marlenheim)

2013 : Creation of the Logistics and storage departement

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