Commitments - Quality

Quality policy

The FOSELEV Group has, in the context of its ISO 9001 certification, developed an organization whose objectives are to increase the efficiency of the operations it carries out as well as the satisfaction of its clients.

Our quality commitment is centred on the following principles :

  • Guaranteeing the fulfilment of  our client’s needs
  • Anticipation and management of risk
  • Encouraging open exchanges with our clients
  • Listening to our employees (flourishing of our workforce)

Our quality management is spread over the following reference points :

  • ISO 9001
  • Client agreements ( DEA EDF, CEA...) and specific qualifications ( NT UTO 85-114- Nuclear facilities EDF)

                                                       Télécharger notre certificat ISO 9001 PDF

Our QUALITY policy, enriched with specific procedures is perfectly adapted to our client’s QUALITY systems.

Always wanting to go further in this area, we also ask our clients for specific certification and we are open to external audits of our system.

The objectives of the Group are to permanently offer the client the level of QUALITY that they expect.

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