Commitments - Safety

Safety policy

The FOSELEV group is resolutely committed to a policy of stringent safety combined with consistent results, underpinned by an overarching set of procedures.

All activity of any nature engenders risks of varying degrees for man, its goods and the surrounding environment.

In order to reduce the likelihood of these risks as much as possible, the Group has put together a rigorous safety policy, with the respect of the physical and moral integrity of its employees and sub-contractors a fundamental and indispensable pillar of its commitments


Through the strict application of these measures, we aim to:

  • Reach zero accidents (with time lost or not)
  • Avoid all bodily harm to staff
  • Provide a quality service with a very high level of safety
  • Reduce any risk of damaged goods/property

This commitment is transcribed and formalised in :

=> The Group’s ‘SSER’ policy (Safety, Health, Environment, Radio protection) :

The major outlines of every aspect of the policy are defined in this document. The Chief Executive Officer makes clear his expectations and lists the objectives to be achieved as well as the main systems put in place in order to do so.

The main objectives are to make the entire Group sensitive to the policy and to maintain collective mobilisation.

This policy aims to inspire a will for progress and continual improvement with regards to the Security Commitments of the Group.

=> THE ‘SHE’ COMMITMENT (Safety, Hygiene, Environment)

The purpose of this document is to remind all staff and operators of the fundamentals in terms of safety as well as the Group’s policy.

On top of an active commitment to safety policy, this document equally goes over the actions taken and the changes applied.


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