For this sector, we have taken a specific approach to create a coherent and developed service offering.

Businesses in this sector require service providers who have the same notion of performance and are equally involved in major national issues.

With this in mind, we have created a division dedicated especially to this area. 

Present in both the gas and electricity sectors, this cell has the technical knowledge to work on installations of the following types :

  • Underground gas storage
  • Storage tanks
  • Cryogenic and non cryogenic piping networks
  • HP – MP – BP piping networks
  • Pipelines
  • Thermal power plants and Combined cycle plants (Turbines, exchangers, alternators, condensers)
  • Utility networks: air, water, vapor, combustible, cooling

Technically armed to work on these types of projects, we conform to the standards and construction practices of these sectors by combining our professional expertise and technical knowhow. 

It in this way that our piping service coheres to the energy sectors practices :

  • Detailed design: PID update, isometric (AUTOCAD), seismic calculation notes – stress, design support, compensation calculations, spring box, plant layout summary, piping networks, generic documents, phasing rating, environmental risk rating.
  • Supply management 
  • Prefabrication
  • On site lifting and assembly
  • Management of sub contracted works
  • CND
  • Testing
  • Start-up/precommissioning assistance


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