Services - Industrial piping

Specialised industrial piping divisions

We have refined our industrial piping competencies and developed knowhow specific to these sectors :

Petro-chemical - Refining

We have a deep knowledge of the sector, notably its specific codes and construction practices.

Having been involved in large scale petrochemical projects for the last 10 years, we are in a position to support you with your production, regulation, environmental and economic concerns.

Very aware of the numerous demands controlling this sector, our services are arranged mainly around :  new OSBL and ISBL constructions, capacity growth, re-organisation of production patterns, revamping, shutdown works and upgrading to environmental standards. They concern installations of the following types :

  • High pressure strippers used to convert sulphur to reusable raw materials for the chemical industry.
  • Diverse fabrication units (styrene, polyethylene, polypropylene)
  • Steam cracking units
  • Extraction columns
  • Torch networks
  • Utility networks, TER
  • Fire protection networks
  • Strategic oil storage
  • Packinox

All our personnel who have access to the refinery have the necessary training and authorization (GIES/RCS 1 for site personnel and GIES/RCS 2 for team leaders).

Thanks to our active safety policy and targeted measures, all of our operators are sensitive to the strictest of safety rules. 

All the specialised equipment and machines that we use for oil-related operations have all of the appropriate authorisation and certification.


We offer specific services for this market based on the standards and specific features of the nuclear sector.

Our nuclear cell of highly qualified specialists offers all its knowledge through the following types of services :

  • New construction services: Technical buildings, utility networks, conversion units, fire protection circuits, room dividers
  • Maintenance and refurbishment services 

Nuclear risk management is essential and rests largely in the training of personnel.

Sensitive areas are subjected to very strict regulation, which sets the standards for the protection of people, the environment and other goods.

As such, we possess the CEFRI certification, which controls the personnel who can enter into controlled zones in which there is a risk of exposure to ionizing rays.   

All of our personnel are subject to rigorous dosimetric and medical monitoring.

Those working in contaminated zones are subject to a DATR medical visit.

As well as the medical visit, effected personnel must have the following obligatory medical qualifications :

  • PR1RN, PR2RN
  • HN1ou HN2, HN3
  • QSP 

On top of our system’s traditional Safety –Quality certificates, we obtain specific client approval documents we do this by conforming to their benchmarks and demands (E.g.: DEA certification for EDF).


For this sector, we have taken a specific approach to create a coherent and developed service offering.

Businesses in this sector require service providers who have the same notion of performance and are equally involved in major national issues.

With this in mind, we have created a division dedicated especially to this area. 

Present in both the gas and electricity sectors, this cell has the technical knowledge to work on installations of the following types :

  • Underground gas storage
  • Storage tanks
  • Cryogenic and non cryogenic piping networks
  • HP – MP – BP piping networks
  • Pipelines
  • Thermal power plants and Combined cycle plants (Turbines, exchangers, alternators, condensers)
  • Utility networks: air, water, vapor, combustible, cooling

Technically armed to work on these types of projects, we conform to the standards and construction practices of these sectors by combining our professional expertise and technical knowhow. 

It in this way that our piping service coheres to the energy sectors practices :

  • Detailed design: PID update, isometric (AUTOCAD), seismic calculation notes – stress, design support, compensation calculations, spring box, plant layout summary, piping networks, generic documents, phasing rating, environmental risk rating.
  • Supply management 
  • Prefabrication
  • On site lifting and assembly
  • Management of sub contracted works
  • CND
  • Testing
  • Start-up/precommissioning assistance



The specific nature of pharmaceutical piping works has led us to put in place an organization dedicated to this purpose.

This specialised division benefits from:

  • Material means and specific tools (Orbital Welding Machine, numerical recording endoscope)
  • A specific set of Quality Insurance benchmarks
  • A team of specialists, highly experienced in the pharmaceutical sector.


Our current structure rests on:

  • A permanent cell of 30 people made up specialised managers, specialist pharmaceutical equipment designers, site managers, pipefitters, welders and specialist quality controllers.
  • A command of the applicable codes, standards and procedures (EN 13480, CODETI 2006, EN 10088, BPF/ good manufacturing practices, Standards ISPE (international society for pharmaceutical engineering), ASME BPE, DESP 97-23 CE and its decrees.
  • More than 6500m of overall prefabrication surface, of which 2000m is dedicated to stainless steel work.

Our teams are capable of operating within the framework of new works or maintenance services on the following types of installations:

  • Vacuum lines
  • Piping processes networks
  • Utility piping networks (General and thermal fluids: independent steam, Purified hot/cold water, overheated water, compressed air)
  • Purified water loop
  • Equipment (pumps, cisterns)
  • Independent metal modules

Our piping service is totally in sync with the practices of the sector, and covers :

  • Detailed design: PID update, isometric (AUTOCAD), calculation notes, piping supports
  • Supply management 
  • Prefabrication
  • On site lifting and assembly
  • Management of subcontracted works
  • CND (Radio, endoscopic)
  • Testing
  • FAT and SAT protocols in view of the QI/QO qualification
  • Start-up/ pre-commissioning/ QP Qualification assistance


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