Services - Industrial piping

Industrial piping: prefabrication and assembly of piping

An essential elementof our overall ‘synergy’ strategy, the capabilities of the industrial piping division stretch from the conception to the completion and of entire industrial installations (units, utility networks, processes, racks, pipelines).

From small local operations to very large turnkey operations

To respond to the growing need for expertise and specialisation, our structure is made up of strategic cells:

  • Large sites
  • Nuclear/Energy
  • Regional

You can take advantage of our experience as a general contractor in the following areas:

  • General contractor works
  • New piping works
  • Revamping of installations
  • Maintenance service (one-off or as part of a contract)
  • Unit shutdown works
  • Unit outages

We operate at the heart of various sectors, such as energy, nuclear, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical and agri-food. We thus have precise knowledge of the demands and constraints of these sectors for which we carry out all services linked to the transfer of fluids (aerial and underground networks):

  • Engineering: Details/isometrics studies and design briefs
  • Project management: preparation, methods, planning and scheduling
  • Supply management and material requisition: Buying, compliance testing and reception
  • Prefabrication of all metal piping (carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys)
  • Prefabrication of standard and special supports
  • Turnkey on-site assembly
  • Lifting and placement of equipment
  • Management of associated works: civil engineering, painting, heat insulating, scaffolding, electricity, instrumentation.
  • Non destructive testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Precommissionning

All our services are carried out in line with all existing norms and codes (EN 13480, EN 10088, CODETI, ASME BPE, DESP 97-23 CE and their decrees).

Our experienced project managers and technicians guarantee a quality service recognized by our clients and confirmed by the most demanding certification and specific agreements : ISO 9001,MASE, CEFRI, DEA (EDF).

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