Secteur d'activité Pharmacie, Agro-alimentaire & Cosmétique

Pharmaceutical, Food & Cosmetic

Industrial expertise & solutions

Know-how focused on the requirements of the sector

The FOSELEV Group, leading industrial partner, has spent years developing comprehensive industrial solutions that satisfy the sanitation, food safety, and quality standards that govern the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, and Food Industries.

These customized service offerings are performed by expert operational teams who demonstrate total control of the processes, codes, and standards that apply to these industries.

Our Process Engineering Department comprises project managers and specialized engineers who analyse your needs and objectives, effectively assisting you from project conception through qualification and commissioning of new installations. We also offer an array of maintenance and servicing operations suited to any installation.

Whatever the complexity of your project, we deliver comprehensive services including new works, unit construction, production area revamping, and maintenance of workshops and production sub-assemblies.

In addition, we offer Lifting, Handling, and Transport options for equipment assembly or removal, and our Modular Construction Department supplies base camps and worksite buildings/modules.

Our experience in process integration is complemented by significant material resources, including a cleanroom workshop, whose 3000 m2 of dedicated stainless steel facilities allow us to conduct various operations relating to installation processes such as lines and sub-assemblies, skids, cleanrooms, black utilities and other utility piping systems.

Conscious of the the strict rules these industries are subject to, FOSELEV’s Quality Controllers base their analyses on a detailed Quality Assurance Referential that is in full compliance with these sectors’ standards and regulations.

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