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Complete mastery of new works projects, construction and assembly projects with specific design capabilities

All of the FOSELEV Group’s extensive expertise and skillsets are dedicated to assisting French and international clients in Industry, the Nuclear Sector, Energy, Chemistry, Petro-chemistry, and Pharmaceuticals, by elaborating comprehensive offerings to help achieve their major multi-trade projects.

As lead contractor, we make the most of our group synergies to create custom and fully integrated industrial solutions.

In order to ensure complete mastery of projects, our Engineering and Methods department exercises specific analytical capabilities to target project challenges, which allows us to successfully manage all types of new works, construction, and contracting of all trades.

Daily, we assist a large number of enterprises who wish to entrust to a reliable, expert service provider their major projects, new unit and installation construction, industrial transfers of factories and lines of production and fabrication, and subassembly design.

We deploy an exhaustive array of know-how, ranging from worksite installation and managing all activities related to our areas of expertise, to the administration and coordination of secondary works, and managing subcontracting interfaces.

In this way, we manage the entire occupational value chain and extend our proven expertise in heavy & combined lifting and complex material handling, to even the most sensitive assembly, lifting, and equipment replacement operations.

We complete our offerings with the provision of turnkey modular construction services, including the installation of prefabricated complexes, worksite camps and administrative offices, with delivery to sites in France and abroad.

Our nearly 50 years of practice working with industrials allows us to capitalize on extensive, cross-sectional business experience, including management of civil engineering and earthworks, metallurgy, structural steelwork and locksmithing, industrial piping prefabrication, assembly, and pipeline installation; as well as any associated works (asbestos abatement, etc.) needed to complete your general contracting projects.

With a Bureau Veritas certified training facility at our disposal, we are equipped to assess your needs and to propose custom training programs for lifting, handling, personnel lifting, operational safety, and welding procedures.

All of our works are performed in accordance with current norms and standards. We assign highly qualified personnel to key roles, so as to guarantee quality of service acclaimed by clients such as TOTAL, PERENCO, and AREVA, and confirmed by our obtainment of the most demanding sensitive sector-specific certifications and accreditations: ISO 9001, MASE, CEFRI, DEA (EDF).

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