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As a true lead contractor with extensive experience in planned shutdowns, FOSELEV is your specialized partner for general contracting of unit shutdown and outage work.

Targeting the needs of the industrial, chemical, petrochemical, refinery, energy, and nuclear sectors, we put together integrated multi-skilled offerings that highlight our proven know-how and rigor in terms of methods and planning, which are indispensable when administering multiple trades.

To support these activities, we can rapidly mobilize numerous and varied material resources, along with a workforce composed of top technicians and operators, during intense periods to meet the deadlines imposed by shutdown projects.

For planned shutdowns throughout France, we dedicate an exclusive “SHUTDOWN” team comprising highly-qualified engineers and technicians proficient in all phases of complex work within sensitive sites, from preparation and planning to unit shutdowns and startups.

We address preparation for your shutdown with rigor, establishing the range of operational activities, task sequencing, and detailed planning of all operations, in order to ensure efficient interface management during the work phase.

We perform assembly work on specialty machinery and pressure equipment (removal and replacement of heat exchangers, beams, tanks, and air condensers), and supply the necessary material resources for lifting, heavy lifting, and industrial transfers for equipment replacement.

Our services include diverse metallurgy works, such as the removal and replacement of piping systems, rectification of accessories such as flanges and valving components, operations on boilers and machine-welded equipment, machining, locksmithing, and a variety of mechanical works.

Our scope of activity also includes complementary skill-sets such as scaffolding, insulation, and painting, as well as refractory bricklaying, non destructive testing, civil engineering, and other refractory works.

During your unit shutdown or outage works, our comprehensive services include the selection, integration, and supervision of subcontractors, and administration for all included trade skill-sets.

With solid expertise in industrial cleaning, we offer high pressure and chemical circulation cleaning of your installations as well as pumping chemicals, using specialty equipment on-site or within our workshops’ high pressure jetting stations, with strict observance of the sector’s regulatory and environmental standards.

We also propose a fully integrated metallurgy services, including skilled heat treating for components of all sizes, and non destructive testing of structures, systems, and components.

Services are rendered in compliance with all Quality & Safety standards, codes, and certifications in force, such as ISO 9001 and MASE.

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