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Catering to your large-scale and major projects in construction all-metal piping, installation revamping, debottlenecking, and capacity increases, FOSELEV has developed fully-integrated solutions for the construction of complete industrial installations.

As a long-term, privileged partner to Chemical, Petrochemical, Refinery, Nuclear, Aeronautics, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, and Food Industries, we manage the conception, fabrication, installation and start-up of your units, utility networks, process skids, racks, and pipelines.

We master the specifications of every sector within which we operate, and have developed specific know-how to integrate standards, practices, specifications, and demands proper to each setting and its associated production equipment.

Thus, for turnkey unit construction, we assign a complete team comprising a specialized Design Office, project managers and technicians dedicated to the prefabrication and assembly of piping systems, and also provide all-trade administration of any secondary works required for your project.

With our extensive range of high performance technical resources, specialty machinery and tools, our skilled personnel teams can perform all work on-site or within our workshops:

  • Analysis, isometrics, and design notes
  • Project management (methods, planning, supplies)
  • Prefabrication and assembly of all-metal piping (carbon, stainless, alloy steels)
  • Prefabrication of standard support systems, support racks, and structural steelwork,
  • Administration of civil engineering work, painting, insulation, scaffolding, electricity and instrumentation
  • Pressure testing and non destructive testing to ensure proper equipment performance.

By providing pre-commissioning, start-up assistance, and performance qualification (PQ), our teams lend support and assistance through the installation and start-up of your new installations.

Our Engineering Procurement Construction department helps Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, and Food Industries with the design, implementation, and qualification of process subassemblies with cleaning and sterilizing in place, for the manufacturing of liquid and paste substances.

We perform all operations in accordance with current standards and practices and ensure that all of our operators hold the appropriate credentials.
Our project managers’ and technicians’ proven know-how guarantees quality of service acclaimed by major project sponsors and confirmed by our obtainment of the most demanding specific certifications and accreditations, such as ISO 9001, MASE, CEFRI, and DEA (EDF).

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