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During its expansion, FOSELEV rapidly identified and integrated the service needs specific to the Nuclear Sector.

For over 30 years, we have assisted industrial clients with the construction, maintenance and revamping of their installations and tools of production.

From construction projects to dismantling, we accompany nuclear enterprises throughout the life cycle of their stations and installations, by offering industrial solutions that cover their needs regarding new construction and installation maintenance.

On-site and in workshops, we are prepared to intervene at every step of your project until its completion. Starting at the concept phase, we provide a specialized Engineering Department, backed with the maintenance engineering skills needed to carry out the work.

We also offer a range of complementary services including lifting, transport, handling and the rental/sale of prefabricated modular units (worksite base camps, offices, dining halls, locker rooms…)

As a nuclear service provider, we operate confidently within the Basic Nuclear Facilities (INB) and Nuclear Power Stations (CNPE) of references such as EDF, ORANO (ex AREVA), SOCODEI and COMURHEX, as well as in many other installations related to nuclear activities.

Proud member of CYCLIUM, Nucléaire SUD Méditerranée’s consortium, by way of CIMAT, one of our dedicated subsidiaries, we hold the necessary certifications (namely CEFRI) and authorizations to work in active areas and currently provide maintenance for French nuclear plants, including Cadarache, Marcoule, Romans, Tricastin, Malvési and Pierrelatte.

The entirety of our operating staff is certified and authorized RP1, RP2, HN1, HN2, HN3 and QSP.

Within this context of trade expertise paired with total risk management, we are equipped to accomplish all of your projects.

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