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Specific competences for Nuclear

As a lead contractor operating at the heart of the nuclear sector for many years, FOSELEV has developed proven expertise that translates to service offerings that target the sector’s clients’ needs.

Extensively familiar with France’s nuclear plants, our subsidiaries CIMAT and FOSELEV ÉNERGIE offer an array of specific services revolving around installation maintenance, including preventive & corrective maintenance contracts, shutdown work, installation revamping, and compliance upgrades.

Our Nuclear Division is characterized by substantial activities in metallurgy with a focus on structural steelwork fabrication, boilerwork and machine-welded equipment, prefabrication of piping and any-metal support systems, locksmithing, custom component machining, and non destructive testing (leak testing).

Finally, our service offerings also include skilled electrical work and proficiency in automation, command systems, and instrumentation.

Our 400 technicians and operators are authorized to work in active areas throughout France’s nuclear sites, performing comprehensive turnkey services and operations on rotating machinery, gloveboxes, specialty equipment, and various installations and units.

Mastery of a wide range of maintenance skill-sets allows this division to act as a true partner to the nuclear sector’s project sponsors, whose needs are numerous and varied.

In our large-scale workshops equipped with state-of-the-art machine tools, we can build components and assemblies to satisfy the nuclear sector’s specifications.
Our design office extends its extensive expertise to the sector’s enterprises, assisting them to meet their objectives in maintenance engineering and design & fabrication projects.

As members of the CYCLIUM Group, and certified CEFRI, MASE, ISO 9001, and UTO (EDF), we confidently operate within basic nuclear facilities (INB) and nuclear power plants (CNPE) belonging to clients such as EDF, ORANO, SOCODEI, and COMURHEX. Our workers hold RP1, RP2, HN1, HN2, HN3, and QSP authorizations, and complete work in sensitive sites including Cadarache, Marcoule, and Romans, as well as Malvési and Pierrelatte.

Our multi-disciplinary trade expertise and total risk management mindset will help you to accomplish all of your projects.

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