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FOSELEV completes its heavy and combined lifting service offerings with comprehensive expertise in complex material handling operations, for the installation of heavy or sensitive equipment.

Combining specific know-how in the areas of preliminary analysis, manoeuvres, and administering operations and appropriate technical resources, we can perform any complex horizontal & vertical handling of heavy or sensitive components.

Our specialized Design Office elaborates comprehensive material handling engineering plans for a wide variety of operations, such as tilting production assemblies, lifting, hoisting, or shifting specific machinery (such as electrical transformers), and any aeronautical or industrial components.  We assign significant and appropriate material resources, logistics management, and administration of all operational trades required for each project.
We also apply these methods to industrial transfer operations that require technical expertise, coordination, and rigor in order to ensure asset start-up in optimal conditions.

Our technicians, drivers, and specialized operators hold all credentials and skills required to operate machinery adaptable to any configuration, including heavy equipment handling with 400-ton hydraulic gantry crane and 100-ton gantry, handling with pneumatic air cushion equipment and thermal and electric handling cranes, which allow us to manoeuvre with ease even in confined spaces.

Our complete management of the project as your dedicated agent guarantees successful performance of delicate and highly precise operations.

The trust we’ve earned from major clients in Industry, the Nuclear Sector, Aeronautics, and Public Works, paired with our obtainment of the most demanding certifications and accreditations (MASE, ISO 9001, CEFRI, UTO (EDF), and AREVA Supplier Label) allow us to deliver high quality services in the most critical settings.

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