High standards for customer satisfaction

Our Quality Policy

Renowned for over 50 years in industry, construction, nuclear power and energy, FOSELEV offers a comprehensive range of quality services combined with a high level of safety in France and abroad.

Like today’s major groups, FOSELEV must constantly evolve in order to anticipate major economic, technological, environmental, health and political developments, as well as national and international requirements, without losing sight of the values that have made and continue to make the Group a success: rigor, responsiveness, availability, sharing, respect, and a strong focus on people.

The challenge is to continue to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and our main partners, and to continually improve thanks to our extensive feedback.

Management ensures that the Quality Policy is constantly monitored, and defines annual objectives. It conducts management reviews to verify the validity and effectiveness of the Quality organization in place.

Our Quality Commitment is based on the following principles:

  • Guarantee the satisfaction of our customers’ needs,
  • Anticipate and control risks,
  • Develop a logic of exchange with our customers,
  • Active listening to employees.

Our quality management system is based on :

  • ISO 9001: 2015,
  • Customer approvals (DEA EDF, CEA…) and specific qualifications (NT UTO 85-114 EDF nuclear power plants),
  • EN1090-1 and EN ISO 3834-2 welding certifications.

Our Quality System, enhanced by specific procedures, adapts to the Quality requirements of our customers.

The Group’s objectives are to constantly offer customers the level of service quality they expect.

All actions to be systematically carried out in relation to the Quality System and its improvement are the subject of a HSE improvement plan managed by the Quality Manager and the Safety Manager, and distributed to the people concerned. The actions to be carried out, defined during the bid and contract review, lead to a plan which will be formalized:

  • By a site visit, which may lead to the planning of actions to be taken to accept the contract,
  • By drawing up a schedule of operations to be carried out,
  • By creating operating ranges or lifting plans,
  • By drawing up a Quality Assurance Plan.

Observations (audits, meetings, improvement sheets) lead to reflection on the working methods and processes to be implemented to improve the system. Actions are defined and planned accordingly. These actions are summarized during management reviews.

Internal audits, planned and validated by management, check that the measures taken have been properly implemented in relation to the objectives set, that they have been understood by all staff, and that the quality system is effective and can be improved.

Any action defined following an audit or an improvement sheet aimed at improving the system is traced and planned.

The company’s various QSSER indicators are listed on a dashboard for all to see, so as to track the progress of the Quality System and assess customer satisfaction.

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