Industrial Cleaning

Chemical & very high pressure

Cleaning, stripping, dismantling of your installations

Our know-how for a turnkey solution

With extensive experience acquired over many years, FOSELEV has developed significant capabilities for industrial cleaning work.

Both on-site and in our workshops, for spot operations, comprehensive service contracts, and “green factory” service contracts, we tailor thorough and flexible offerings to meet our clients’ specific needs for equipment, component, and installation cleaning.

We perform high and very high pressure cleaning, hydrodynamic cutting and scouring on various equipment, using mobile specialty equipment adaptable to any configuration. This equipment includes 2,500 bar stations equipped with multiple cleaning tools and high-pressure/very-high-pressure pumps, mixed-system vacuum trucks equipped with high-pressure pumps, sandblasters, and tube cleaners.

For chemical cleaning and deep elimination of any deposit (degreasing, descaling, passivation) or removing traces of corrosion on all types of components, our engineers analyze the operational setting and define a custom process for cleaning by chemical circulation.

In order to provide comprehensive assembly, lifting, and extraction of heat exchangers, we have our own DREAL cleaning and decontamination facility. Its 1,500 m2 watertight workshop is set up for cleaning reboiler beams, distillation rings, packed beds, and other components, in full compliance with all environmental standards in force.

Our teams are proficient in performing work within explosive areas and expertly master specific hazardous trade skills. Fully trained on safety regulations and authorized to work within petrochemical industrial sites and platforms, their key skills ensure quality of service acclaimed by our clients and confirmed by our obtainment of the most demanding certifications and accreditations, including ISO 9001 and MASE.

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