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Work tool maintenance is an enterprise’s best strategy to anticipate and avoid equipment malfunction. To this end, FOSELEV assists industrial enterprises by providing preventive & corrective maintenance operations and implementing maintenance contracts.

We elaborate comprehensive industrial solutions spanning from maintenance engineering and needs assessment, to determining and implementing contracts, and applying precise action plans.

Our maintenance engineers and specialized Methods/Process department project managers work together to define the most efficient approach to increase your equipment’s reliability and availability.  They perform preliminary audits and engineer a scope of work in total compliance with your industrial, chemical, petrochemical, refinery, or nuclear production site’s maintenance strategy.

Designed to provide our agencies with complementary technical support for maintenance contract management, our Maintenance department performs extensive analysis of your installations and maintenance methods in order to deliver a detailed action plan: maintenance policy analysis, diagnostic and analytical tools (vibration, failure, functional, and degradation analysis, operations mode analysis), organizational analysis, stock management, supplier management, and CMMS tools.

We offer integral support, from the installation and monitoring of tools for measuring operational excellence and technical expertise, non value-added time (NVA) auditing, FMECA including custom tool integration, and performance assessment and improvement, for better management of your industrial risks.

As general contractors delivering multi-skilled service offerings, we assist our clients through installation, monitoring, and administration of any multidisciplinary actions identified during auditing.

Thanks to our in-house material resources (workshops, equipment, machine tools, and specialty tools), we provide comprehensive maintenance management, which also includes supplies (purchasing, subcontracting), human resources, and contract logistics.

We seamlessly administer and/or supply all trade activities needed to perform operations: lifting/handling/transport services, modular constructions and worksite camps, heavy lifting, complex handling, and also industrial cleaning services for your sites and equipment.

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