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FOSELEV has developed specific expertise in site or area decontamination, meeting environmental and regulatory requirements throughout France.

Our service offerings include spot operations and comprehensive service contracts to handle and manage pollution issues within industrial sites, tank farms, marine and natural settings, and port areas.

With the ability to mobilize massive resources over short periods of time, FOSELEV’s multidisciplinary teams deliver the know-how and technical skills required to provide decontamination and sludge removal operations within sensitive sites, performing pumping, skimming, and tank cleaning.

We have mobile treatment units at our disposal, along with significant material resources, allowing us to perform any environmental operations, such as sludge dewatering, water treatment, and soil decontamination.

In the context of various decontamination campaigns on affected sites and polluted coastlines, FOSELEV has extended its know-how and actively participates in major environmental clean-up operations, such as following the Erika and Prestige spills on the Atlantic coast, and more recently on the Loire river near Donges.

FOSLEV commits to an active approach to environmental preservation, ensuring safe and effective transfer, collection, transport, and disposal of contaminants, waste, and effluents.

In order to ensure the efficiency and quality of our operations, all services are rendered in accordance with all current safety standards and the most demanding certifications, including ISO 9001 and MASE.

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