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FOSELEV’s Naval/Maritime Division offers vessel repairs and Maintenance Repair & Operations (MRO) services for maritime structures, standard and nuclear military vessels, commercial and research ships, and yachts and pleasure craft.

Located near Toulon’s Naval base, our subsidiaries CIMAT SARTEC and FOSELEV MARINE pool their skills to deliver global preventive & corrective maintenance contracts, and perform technical shutdown work on vessels thanks to FOSELEV’s high capacity MACJIP floating drydock.

Our offerings revolve around services combining installation maintenance, machine welded equipment fabrication, naval repairs, as well as maritime operations involving underwater equipment installation, towage operations and oceanic research.

Our services include the administration of comprehensive general contracting of ship refit projects and the performance of technical shutdown work, including general mechanics and complete careening works, hydraulic equipment installation, prefabrication and assembly of piping systems, metallic structures, frameworks, and sheet metal.

With a methods department specialized in MRO engineering and naval repair, we are active from the preparation phase onward, providing operational support, administration, and monitoring.

This division can handle projects of any complexity thanks to its 4,000 m2 of dedicated workshop facilities, including a cleanroom and an exclusive 300 m dock equipped with extensive material handling resources, as well as a test bench for hydraulic components up to 400 bars.

We can actualize any of your projects thanks to the state-of-the-art resources at our disposal, including a floating drydock accommodating vessels up to 950 tons and 60 m draught, and a 50 m dynamic positioning ship with a 25-ton gantry and 2,000 m deep-water winch, for a variety of operations at sea.

FOSELEV MARINE carries out all types of marine operations, such as the installation, search and verification of submerged elements (cables, probes, antennas, hydrophanes and buoys), the testing of submersibles at great depths, as well as the transfer of personnel and equipment, thanks to its 5 vessels:

  • The CASTOR02, a 50m dynamic positioning vessel equipped with a 25T gantry and a 3000m deepwater winch,
  • The FOSELEV AGATE an 19m catamaran,
  • The FOSELEV TOPAZE an 19m catamaran,
  • The FOSELEV ONIX, an 18m catamaran equipped with a 1T crane,
  • The FOSELEV OPALE, a 14m catamaran.

Client satisfaction being our main objective, we provide services in full compliance with all demands and standards in force, ensuring quality of service acclaimed by our clients and confirmed by our adherence to the strictest certifications and accreditations: ISO 9001, CEFRI, Amiante, and Confidentiel Défense.

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