Lifting, Handling & Transport

Reactivity, availability & know-how

Our field expertise

50 years of experience in lifting, handling and transport characterise the FOSELEV Group.

As an exemplary service provider to clients in Construction, Civil Engineering, Industry, Energy, and the Nuclear Sector, the Group develops flexible client-centric service offerings.

Our network of 65 branches located throughout France and abroad helps small, medium, and large enterprises to achieve their daily objectives and to complete complex projects.

With a solid grasp of industrial risks and challenges, we propose innovative solutions tailored to any enterprise and worksite, consistently delivering reliable expertise.

Our services showcase the responsiveness, availability, and know-how we dedicate to performing spot operations, turnkey project management, and the implementation of blanket contracts. We strive for client satisfaction by sharing our Lifting, Handling, and Transport expertise.

We’ve complied with MASE and ISO standards for many years, in order to guarantee efficient quality and safety systems, while aiming for zero accidents in our daily activities. All operations are performed in accordance with current certifications in force. Our personnel hold all of the required site-specific accreditations and CACES certifications.

Our exhaustive equipment fleet of over 500 lifting, handling, and transport machines matches any work configuration, and includes telescopic mobile cranes ranging from 35 to 700 ton capacity, lattice boom crawler cranes up to 400 tons, mobile tower cranes, crane trucks up to 135 t/m, semi-trucks, 400 ton gantry cranes, and specialty equipment for handling and industrial transfers.

With the help of our specialized design office, we offer complete assistance and manage comprehensive turnkey heavy lifting and complex handling operations, from engineering (lift analysis, design notes, lift planning, kinematics), to operational administration and performance.

Our Offer

Lifting, Handling & Transport

Mobile Cranes

  • Any-duration rental of telescopic mobile cranes with 35 to 700 ton capacity
  • All sectors, all work configurations
  • Spot or turnkey operations
  • Lifting contracts

Mobile Tower Cranes

  • Any-duration rental of mobile tower cranes
  • Mobile construction cranes suited for use in urban areas
  • Handy, compact, versatile & mobile
  • Spot or turnkey operations
  • Lifting contracts

Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes

  • Any-duration rental of lattice boom crawler cranes up to 400 tons
  • Suitable for any construction worksite
  • Mobility, all-terrain versatility, high load capacities, lifting heights, and reach
  • Spot or turnkey operations
  • Lifting contracts

Lifting trucks

  • Any-duration rental of crane trucks with boom arm (30 to 135 t/m capacity)
  • Machinery combining transport, load lifting and handling
  • All sectors, all work configurations
  • Autonomy, mobility, practicality
  • Spot or turnkey operations & Contract implementation

Industrial transfer

  • Relocation of machine-tools, production lines, workshops, factories
  • Lifting delicate and heavy loads
  • 100% all-inclusive multi-skilled offerings, comprehensive management
  • Turnkey services, any complexity
  • Activity transfer, custom scheduling


  • All standard and complex handling operations
  • Any-sector turnkey services
  • Integrated offerings
  • Manual material handling, shifting
  • Specialty equipment, 400 ton gantry crane


  • Standard conventional transport
  • All distances special transport
  • Category 2 & 3 heavy and oversized transport
  • Rental of crane trucks, semi-trailers and straight trucks
  • Contract implementation

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